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      ICT Business


      The Group comprises 2 major units -- Telecommunications Unit and Computer Unit, where the former is responsible for comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure services, telecommunications equipment distribution, and wireless broadband Internet services, while the latter is responsible for financial and banking services, IT, and computer services.

      The Group’s main revenue is derived from its subsidiaries whose lines of work are all capable of generating revenue on a continuous basis either from undertakings in new projects or maintenance works, development of systems, both in the areas of Telecommunications and Computer which can meet the market’s changing demands.

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      Loxbit Plc.


                The Company is a system integrator in Information Technology and Telecommunications field focusing on  transaction automation, interactive voice response systems,  electronic payment systems, Image Cheque Clearing &  Achieving System (ICAS) and management, automated teller machine systems, large computer equipment,  Information Technology for banking applications and regulatory complaints such as risk management, Basel  II and IFRS, full color digital printing and total mail solution, broadband technology.  The Company provides procurement, installation and maintenance services.


                Due to the rapid change of products both in IT and  telecommunication fields, the Company products must be met international standards and compliant. Its team should be authorized from manufacturers to handle and offer services in addition to performing as a distributor. This should provide value-added services to its customers.


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