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      ICT Business


      The Group comprises 2 major units -- Telecommunications Unit and Computer Unit, where the former is responsible for comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure services, telecommunications equipment distribution, and wireless broadband Internet services, while the latter is responsible for financial and banking services, IT, and computer services.

      The Group’s main revenue is derived from its subsidiaries whose lines of work are all capable of generating revenue on a continuous basis either from undertakings in new projects or maintenance works, development of systems, both in the areas of Telecommunications and Computer which can meet the market’s changing demands.

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      Loxley Wireless Co., Ltd.


               Loxley Wireless Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Loxley Plc that engages in telecommunications business in 4 major areas:


      1. Telecommunications Services: Distribution of Carrier-grade communications equipment by Huawei, and Alcatel-Lucent including SDH, DWDM, and NGN, as well as Aastra’s enterprise product, e.g., PABX including installation and after-sale maintenance services


      2. Wireless Communications Services: Distribution of Cambium (former Motorola), e.g., Canopy Link, Wireless Transmission Solutions, e.g., Radio Frequency Repeaters, Microwave, etc.


      3. Network Optimization: Mobile network optimization service via various techniques, e.g., dead signal area improvement, repeater installation, indoor and outdoor antenna installations, etc.


      4. Type III Telecommunications Operator: High-speed data communications provider for corporate customers, e.g., Internet broadband, Voice over IP, Video surveillance (CCTV), Virtual private network (VPN), etc.



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