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      The Group comprises 2 major units -- Telecommunications Unit and Computer Unit, where the former is responsible for comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure services, telecommunications equipment distribution, and wireless broadband Internet services, while the latter is responsible for financial and banking services, IT, and computer services.

      The Group’s main revenue is derived from its subsidiaries whose lines of work are all capable of generating revenue on a continuous basis either from undertakings in new projects or maintenance works, development of systems, both in the areas of Telecommunications and Computer which can meet the market’s changing demands.

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      Mobile Innovation Co.,Ltd.


           Mobile Innovation Company Limited is a joint venture between Loxley Public Company Limited and NTT DOCOMO Inc., Japan’s leading mobile communications company and the influencer in advancing mobile communications technology on a global scale, providing Real Time Fleet Management System service as an Application Service Provider (ASP) entitled Fleet Expert. Fleet Expert is a real-time tracking and fleet management system which combines the advanced technology of wireless communication, GSM networks, GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, Digital Vector Map technology and comprehensive analysis and management software. Fleet Expert not only pinpoint fleet location and activity but also delivers accurate data getting directly from the vehicles and system can detect vehicle motion, driver’s behaviors and thus ensure immediate security for the driver, provides the useful historical data with analysis report for fleet manager to plan and control vehicle maintenance, vehicle telemetric (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, fuel management and safety management with details reports for vehicle management such as Safety & Economical Driving Report, Trip Management Report etc. In 2013, 2 branches were established in neighboring countries, Mobile Innovation (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. in Hanoi City and P.T. Mobile Innovation Indonesia Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia. Then in 2015, we have appointed 2 dealers in The Republic of Union of Myanmar and in Vietnam.

           In order to cope with Government’s regulation on road safety, Mobile Innovation Co., Ltd. also imports new GPS device with the latest technology from Japan which is emphasizing on safety driving. This new GPS device is equipped with not only the mobile drive video recorder with imaging processing technology which will send alert to the driver and control room, if there is any obstacle on the road or the driver suddenly change the path/lane but also alcohol checker and antiasleep equipment.

           Mobile Innovation Co., Ltd has also imported other GPS devices from China and Europe to serve SME market. Various sensors have also been provided which can be connected to the GPS terminal providing more safety driving to reduce accident and thus reduce costs, such as doors, temperature, immobilizer, fuel sensor, Mobile DVR which can record and take snap shot both inside and outside of the vehicle, alcohol checker and anti-asleep.

          Personal Tracker, a typically small in size with SOS Button, the location will immediately be sent to the Control Center with name of the holder when SOS button is pressed. Smartphone Tracking is another tracking application for Android or IOS Smartphone for keep track of employees during working hours and do not want to invest in the GPS devices.

           SMS Broadcasting Service is another service for contacting and confirming the safety of overseas employees in one go. The service is based on SMS technology supported by any set of SIM cards and mobile handsets from major operators in 11 countries, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Australia, South Korea, China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan and Japan. “InCircle” is an application for organizations that need to a secured solutions for sharing instant messaging. It uses end-to-end encryption and only allows registered users to access for security.