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      Joint Venture Business

      Great importance is given by the Company on investment participation with other operators who have the expertise and are well-accepted internationally for their ownership or technologies of the products in which the Company will be making its joint investment as well as capable of generating income for the Company on a continuous basis, with high growth potential or the potential to boost the prowess of its other Business Groups to their fullest capacity to meet competition.


      By pursuing work in line with in its investment policy in businesses capable of generating revenue for the Company on a continuous basis, constant yields are achieved by the various businesses in the Joint Venture Business Group for the Company. There is a structure of low income fluctuations in the Joint Venture Business Group, with continuous growth which play an important part on the Company’s profitability on a regular basis despite the fact that increased competition is clearly rampant today in a variety of businesses both in the areas of pricing and product quality.

      BlueScope Buildings (Thailand) Limited


          BUTLER® and PROBUILD® is steel structure building designed and constructed under PRE-ENGINEERING BUILDING by BlueScope Buildings (Thailand) Limited. All components are engineered and manufactured to assemble together. Based on modular system, components are produced in the factory and delivered to construction division for assembling, installation with bolts, knot or knock-down which suitable for such as Manufacturing Factory, Warehouse & Logistic Centre, Workshop, Aircraft Hangar and Cold Storage.

         The Company places impotency on excellent service. Our scope of service consists of advisory opinion from work planning, primary design, design and estimation report, production of building components based on PRE-ENGINEERED system, as well as warranty and after sale service.

          Products manufactured and offered by BlueScope Buildings (Thailand) are “BUTLER®” “PROBUILD®” “MR-24® and PRO-LOK 75TM”. Moreover, the Company is committed to continual improvement in our HSEC (Health, Safety and Environmental) performance and intention to achieve by
           1. We will comply with relevant industry standards and legal requirements.
           2. We will engage with our employee and all contractors.
           3. We will be valued corporate citizens in our communities. We respect the values and cultural heritage of local people.
           4. We all (Management Supervisor and employee) awareness to accountability to achieve our health, safety and environmental and succeeding for our communities in which we work.