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      Project Business


      The Group is in public utility operations, e.g. TV and Radio communications, energy processes, electrical systems, waste water management, alternative energy business, includingn specialized tools and electronic equipment, by winning auctions organized by the government, state enterprises, and private organizations domestically and internationally covering survey processes, design, installation, customized implementation, maintenance, and consultations in various projects.

      Changes in Technology and investment policies on the public sector’s infrastructure projects led to the rise of new projects in which the Group’s work units are well-versed in and have, indeed, received the confidence of its customers. This is the factor which gives rise to new projects to work on, on a continuing basis. Moreover, efforts are made by the Group to operate its businesses with a sense of social and environmental responsibility by determining to develop environmental friendly businesses such as alternative energy and so on.

      Power Systems Dept.


            The Department is engaged in business related to the power systems for both public and private sectors. Work under its mandate consists of system integration spanning a range of activities including engineering, design, product procurement, construction, and project management so as to meet customer requirements. Examples of activities include: construction and renovation of power substations, construction of transmission line, distribution line sales, including aerial, underground and submarine cables, sourcing and installation of power substation
      control system, electricity system for manufacturing plants and high-rise buildings, infrastructure system and general electricity systems services, including maintenance, system testing service, and power system consulting, etc.

           The Department is aware that power substation construction may affect the environment and surrounding community, and therefore set a policy to have clear and strict preventive measures. As a result, none of the projects handled by the Department ever had problems related to adverse impact on the environment and community.