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      Service Business


      Great importance is given by the Service Business Group to the provision of security services particularly for airports with a large number of travelers going to and from covering a total of 4 main airports, i.e. Suvannabhumi, Phuket, Samui and U-Tapao. Services provided range from X-ray Screener, Bag Searchers, Whole Body Scanner, Hold Baggage Screener, EOD Service, security patrols and control access to the security restricted areas of airports. In addition, security services are provided for various major locations as well such as hotels, oil depots, MRT, office buildings and department stores with more than 5,000 employees engaged to-date in this sector’s activities.


      Technology of Security Services is focused in 2 major areas, i.e. airports and large cities with its prevailing systems ranging from Smart City, Safe City and Single Command Control Centre and the Entertainment Media in the form of Digital TV and GPS.


      Increased demands for security services continue to grow on a constant basis in areas pertaining to aviation businesses as well as for activities outside airports, in large cities, industrial estates and office buildings. One sees a rather high competition today, however, in the Entertainment and Digital TV business sector

      Business Development Dept. (Service Business Group)


           Strategies have been formulated by the Group to develop businesses in two major industries, as follows:

           1. Safety Industry: focused is given to introducing updated technology for use in the Safety Industry in communities and public areas particularly in airports right through to cities and locations frequented by a large number of tourists, with the use of the Smart City or Safe City systems, Genius Closed-Circuit television (which can give advice in handling incidents that have arisen). Developments of the Control Centre or what is called Single Command Control Centre will also be introduced which can control and monitor hundreds of safety electronic devices in one single room with utmost efficiency. Leaders in this Industry are the Group’s allies which will give it a better edge against competition. It is planned to conduct operations of this kind in AEC countries as well.

           2. Entertainment Industry: Digital Era Entertainment with “Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone “Concept. The Group has import High speed Digital TV receiver box with HD quality for mobile reception as well as home box for fix reception. In addition, the group currently working on On-line Tracking GPS. System for Government Transport Tracking Project which can cover all public bus and truck nationwide.