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      Technology Business


      The Group provides services and procurement of technological products involving 3G mobile service reseller or MVNO. We also provide services and sales of hi-speed printing products, Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX), installation of railway signaling system, expressway system, security system in building, sophisticated information protection systems, as well as rental service for computers and telecommunication equipment to support education activities, real estate management and services, and food service.

      Business Communication Dept.


                The Department is providing communication system products and services to both state and private organizations.  The products and services can be categorized into Voice Network, and Data Network. The Voice Network products include legacy PABX, IP PABX, Unified Communications, Voice Over IP, Contact Center and related applications. The Data Network products include Router, Switch, Wireless Access Point, Video Conference, Data Security and others related products. At present the Department distributes products and services from world-class manufacturers  including Avaya, Aruba, Audio Code, Hua Wei, Dell, HP and many more.


                Most of the products and services are imported with distributing licenses. Only a few specific products are ordered directly from distributors for turn-key projects.