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      Technology Business


      The Group provides services and procurement of technological products involving 3G mobile service reseller or MVNO. We also provide services and sales of hi-speed printing products, Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX), installation of railway signaling system, expressway system, security system in building, sophisticated information protection systems, as well as rental service for computers and telecommunication equipment to support education activities, real estate management and services, and food service.

      Food Services Business Dept.


           Loxley Food Services Department (LFS) was established in 2010 with objective to expand into Food Retail market and to develop own-branded products that leverage growth for Loxley Trading Business Group and to synergize with Loxley Trading Company Limited for integrated Supply Chain Management, giving TBG a competitive competency in the business. With core business as a restaurant operator and a catering services provider,


          in 2013, LFS has lately established L Food Solutions Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Loxley PLC, to provide staff outsourcing service and operate upon other food related business issues. LFS directly engaged in the Japanese Food Retail sector, operating own-branded restaurant chains under the following brands: Ai Japanese Village, WaQ Shabu, WaQ Yakiniku, DohTon Bori, Tetsumen

          LFS offers a wide selection of Japanese food in diverse categories such as, Shabu Shabu, Yakiniku, Donburi, Steak, Teppnayaki, Okonomiyaki, Ramen and Sushi. Targeting at Families, Young Adults and Teens, LFS currently operates in 5 strategic locations which are; The Nine, Fashion Island and Siam Paragon, thus giving us the opportunity to serve more than 30,000 customers per month; LFS also has Facebook fan page almost 300,000 followers.