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      Technology Business


      The Group provides services and procurement of technological products involving 3G mobile service reseller or MVNO. We also provide services and sales of hi-speed printing products, Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX), installation of railway signaling system, expressway system, security system in building, sophisticated information protection systems, as well as rental service for computers and telecommunication equipment to support education activities, real estate management and services, and food service.

      IT Business Dept.


                The Department has been providing design and  installation of complete Information and Communication Technology network with technical experts with high  experience by planning according to customer’s requirement to most eff iciently access and utilize the information system as well as corporate risk management and prevention in hardware and software asset. In the past, the Department has developed a Data Communication Network system, software application system, IT security system, including information center upgrade for the government entities, state enterprises, banks, and major private companies. 


                One of the Department’s major products includes the Location Based Information System (LBIS) that tops off corporate information technology usage in order to  efficiently support strategic planning and decision making  of top executives. It also analyzes information, provides overall data, and details of each information point with complete accuracy. Its main customers include government entities, state enterprises, bank, and private companies, who utilize the system in survey, assessment, project/department monitoring system in Real Time. It also received an award in flood prevention and preparation system with remedy flood and problem solving processes in order to completely meet with corporate requirements.