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      Trading Business


      The Trading Business Group engages in manufacturing and distribution of consumer products, industrial chemicals, construction equipment and materials, as well as distribution of automotive parts, equipment and hand tools for automotive services. Recently the group has expanded its automotive business into body and paint repair service, including car coating, and car detailing.

      Parts Zone (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


           The Company distributes vehicle spare parts and motorcycle spare part of the after Market as well as equipment and tools
      for vehicle services, industries and other uses.


           Product offered are from its sole distributorship agreements and authorized distributors. Nevertheless, the Company stresses gaining sole distributorship rights for any product it considers suitable for its own marketing and pricing activities. However, for popular and highly needed products with many distributors, the Company will still pursue such orders in order to meet the exceeding demands of such market segment. The Company also has policy to develop new key products using private brand in order to increase competitive advantage in the domestic and AEC market.