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      Trading Business


      The Trading Business Group engages in manufacturing and distribution of consumer products, industrial chemicals, construction equipment and materials, as well as distribution of automotive parts, equipment and hand tools for automotive services. Recently the group has expanded its automotive business into body and paint repair service, including car coating, and car detailing.

      Car Convenie Co., Ltd.


           Car Convenie Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Loxley Plc., established as a joint venture between Loxley Plc. and Car Convenie Club Co., Ltd. from Japan who owns the quick car body and paint repair technology. Car Convenie Club Co., Ltd. covers all region of Japan through its franchisee workshops of over 900 workshops. In December 2015, the Company started operation of its first flagship workshop located on Rama 3 road, offering 3 main services; ie. body and paint repair, car detailing, and car coating. The Company planned to expand its network through franchise system in near future.