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      Trading Business


      The Trading Business Group engages in manufacturing and distribution of consumer products, industrial chemicals, construction equipment and materials, as well as distribution of automotive parts, equipment and hand tools for automotive services. Recently the group has expanded its automotive business into body and paint repair service, including car coating, and car detailing.

      Construction Materials Dept.


           The Group functions from acquiring, marketing through servicing and installing the product regarding the construction
      sector in 4 groups;

           1) Building Envelope product including;
      - NS Bluescope Lysaght metal sheet roofing
      - Decra natural stone coated roof tile from New Zealand
      - Aluminium Composite Panel under brand Architecks from Korea and Haida from China And also with other
      products such as steel decking, Ranbuild pre-fabrication msteel building

           2) Hyundai elevator, escalator and Auto parking system (APS)

           3) Mechanical and Electrical products
      - Lighting control and home automation system under brand Bticino from Italy, Jung from Germany and AllLight (Local brand)
      - Building maintenance unit under brand COXGomyl from Spain and Nippon Gondola from Japan

           4) Landscape Products
      - Atlantis roof garden and vertical garden from Australia
      - Mehler Technologies tension membrane from Germany
      - Synthesis high quality shade fabric from Australia
      - Greenroad soil stabilizer
      - GRASS GRO® erosion and sediment control

            The Group currently supplies wide range of products and continuously improves our service with an intention to create a better customer’s satisfaction base on the total solution basis, also look for new products and service by means of more advance technology and higher quality.



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