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      Trading Business


      The Trading Business Group engages in manufacturing and distribution of consumer products, industrial chemicals, construction equipment and materials, as well as distribution of automotive parts, equipment and hand tools for automotive services. Recently the group has expanded its automotive business into body and paint repair service, including car coating, and car detailing.

      International Trade and Business Development Group


           The International Trade and Business Development Group strives to promote international businesses of Loxley both
      in trade and investment primarily focusing in AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) countries and China. In 2013 the group, through its subsidiary in China - Loxley Intertrade (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., has started distributing the Thai products in southern China. The products are those of food,
      confectionery, and Loxley’s owned brand Jasmine Rice 金 利 莲 (Golden Lotus). The products are distributed through both modern trade and traditional trade channels. One of our major distribution channels is the convenient stores in SINOPEC gas stations. SINOPEC is the largest petroleum company in China operating more than 20,000 gas stations throughout the country.


           Besides China, the Group also operates its businesses through another 4 overseas offices in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. The products supplied to overseas markets are divided into 3 categories, i.e. Consumer Products, Automotive Products, and Technology & others.
      Recently the Group has been appointed the Exclusive Distributor of Castrol to distribute their lubricant products in Myanmar.


           The Group secures its supply sources by focusing in SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Network Development program. The Group works closely with both public and private sectors not only to recruit quality SME products into its portfolio, but also to help SME improve their products to match with the demand of consumers in oversea markets