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                Loxley Public Company Limited was founded in the year 1939 under the name Loxley Rice Company ( Bangkok ) Limited as a joint venture between Ng Yuk Long Lamsam and Andrew Beattie of W.R Loxley Company of Hong Kong. The original activities of the company consisted mostly of the export of primary products from Thailand such as rice and lumber. In 1957 the firm was renamed as Loxley ( Bangkok ) Company Limited. The main business of Loxley had shifted by then to the import and sale of industrial products and advanced technology products.


      Founders of Loxley Public Co., Ltd.

      Founders of Loxley Public Co., Ltd.

                Loxley has not ceased to grow and transform itself over the years until the present. The company now engages in numerous joint ventures with large foreign corporations. On April 1 , 1993 it became a public company by the name of Loxley Public Company Limited, and was subsequently admitted as a member of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Its shares began to be traded on January 25, 1994 under the designation " LOXLEY " in the commercial group of stocks.


      Founders of Loxley Public Co., Ltd.

                From its beginnings to this current day, Loxley has maintained its ethics of building an organization with effective management, good governance with transparency in operation and continued to grow. The company has subsidiaries, joint ventures as well as its own business units and is generally divided into six business groups : ICT business group, Technology business group, Projects business group, Trading business group, Services business group, Joint Venture business group.

                Loxley is well aware of environmental and social responsible operations and avoids the marketing of products that may be considered harmful to the environment. In addition the company has strong Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

                 The growth and success of Loxley’s diverse business groups clearly shows its credentials and potential for further growth. Loxley is a business leader in many areas of commerce and industry covering telecommunications, broadcasting, general infrastructure that includes power, transport, environment and construction materials. Loxley trades and offers a wide range of commercial services to domestic and international clients.

                 With expertise in effective management and a staff committed to excellence using the latest in technologically driven tools, Loxley is always capable of providing a service of excellence to its customers.



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