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    • Board of Directors

    •   Kosoom Sinphurmsukskul
          Executive Vice President



      Master of Business Administration (MBA) University of Dallas, USA.
      Finance & Accounting for the Non-Financial Professisonals, Double Digits Ltd.
      Senior Executive, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of
         Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
      Director Accreditation Program 99/2012
      Financial Statements for Directors 2012 Thai Institute of Directors Association

      Work Experience for the Past 5 years


      Listed Companies 

      Executive Vice President, Loxley Plc/Technology and trading business
      Non-Listed Companies / Other Business

      Director, L Food Solutions Co., Ltd. / Provide food service

      Managing Director,Loxley Trading Co., Ltd. / Sale of consumer products
      Director, Thai Herbal Product Co., Ltd. / Produce herbal products in phytopharmaceutical style